Being 50

Now that I’m 50, I have a perspective on my perspective on life that I never had before. It’s almost like reaching a summit. I can see all around for miles. It’s the most symmetrical age. Halfway to 100. Excuse me…….
… life flashing before my eyes………
…………Where are my new superman glasses. ……~0.o~……..Ok, I’m back.
Things I’m suddenly pondering:
Age 50, divide by 10 = Dollars per day spent on pills
Age 50, multiply by 6 = Dollars per year spent upgrading perscription on glasses
Age 50, multiply by 20000 = Amount that should be in retirement account($1Million)
Take that($1M) and multiply by -1 = Actual amount in retirement(Relative to $1M,$0)
Age 50, 300 good nights sleep per year
Age 50, 365 good naps per year

Surprisingly, I feel less old than I would have thought. I have pictures of long dead relatives from decades ago that really looked old at 50. And it wasn’t just the wacky old clothes or the Post-WWII hair-do’s. They still look old to me in pics. Perhaps I benefit from an easier life. I don’t work in the fields, never been to war myself, I don’t work in a factory, I write software at a desk in my home for factories. My water is clean, good healthy food is at my fingertips, my house is automatically regulated for temperature and is fairly bug free with non-lead based everything. My wife showers me with girly ointments, oils and bath salts for my wrinkle-free look. I breathe clean air, except for allergies to my 3 cats that are killing me.

The fact that I’ve always been on the cutting edge of social immaturity, probably gives an illusion of seeming young. Other than that, my lifestyle, I think, keeps me feeling young.

I have a great job that I love, I play music everyday, most days with other musicians, my family is amazing, awesome, supportive, encouraging, healthy, fun and endlessly entertaining. I have my moms impeccable genes.

Life is good.

At 50, I have all I need.


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