5 Years Playing

Today marks 5 years of playing Jazz trumpet for me. Prior to that was a post college 23 years of non-playing. And even in college, I couldn’t really improvise. I can now. As I get better, and as I am consistently practicing, listening and playing with other live musicians, a simultaneous calibration of my perspective of what is good is occurring. Relative to 5 years ago, I’m good. Good, is the baseline. Good is always changing. On a scale from Suck to Great, Good is in the middle. Great is when I feel like I’m playing at the top of my ability, Suck is when nothings happening. I’ve realized that, despite my desire to play great, I experience a range of outcomes, nearly every night I’m performing or practicing. What I’ve noticed in the past year is that playing good is a state of being. At the beginning(5 yrs ago), I wasn’t sure if I could consistently not suck. Now, I feel that greatness can happen every night. In fact, it does happen almost every night, along with good and perhaps sucking as well sometimes.

Anyways, I’m loving every minute of playing. I’m currently playing in a new band called Groove Holiday. Super fun. Lot’s of originals. Jazz Funk Instrumental. Our 2 gigs so far were Quixotes and Dazzle in Denver. Greg Warren, Chris Anton, Kalin Capra, and Tyler Bender. I’ve been sitting in weekly at the Pourhouse in Loveland(my first sit-in Mar. 2 2000). Kalin Capra has also been playing bass there since 2000. I took another lesson this year from my friend Hugh Ragin. He introduced me to Whisper Tones.

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