Baxter, Barb and I arrived in London Gatwick Airport at 6:15AM today. We’re staying tonight at a decent hotel at the Heathrow airport where we will depart for Marseille tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM, with a 5 hour layover at the Paris airport. Today was spent working, sleeping and eating. Our evening adventure was amazing. We took an hour long Uber drive through London at rush hour and ended up at Jamie Olivers Fifteen, a restaurant of impecable quality. Perhaps the best food I’ve ever had. On our route, we saw some London awesomeness in architectural and royal history.
But, we were pretty jet lagged, so, all we could do was eat. We’re sleeping soon and looking forward to Southern France tomorrow, where we will hook up with Joel in Marseille, if he doesn’t have another Expedia mishap, or get’s lost in some museum.

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