Gone Vegan

Thai Broccoli from Gold Leaf Collective, Fort Collins, CO. USA

I consider myself a foodie and a great amateur home chef. I’ve been a world class professional baker in a previous career. Because of a challenge from my wellness provider, I’ve been vegan for 2 weeks. My goal is 60 days of vegan with zero sugar, no bread, unless home made with fresh ground grain and no dairy.

What I’ve experienced so far:
1: I lost 11 pounds and I only weighed 150 to start.
2: It’s almost impossible to find ANY vegan food when traveling for business, especially at hotels, even 5 star hotels.
3: Indian restaurants have some of the best vegan food I’ve eaten, including the recipes I’ve tried.
4: From my research on the web, most vegan web hits are full of surprisingly pretentious hateful people spewing their arrogant attitudes towards non-vegans.
5: I LOVE the way I feel.
6: My senses are on overdrive.
7: My appetite is super active.
8: I can smell scents I’ve never before been able.
9: Eating is more enjoyable than ever before in my life
10: I love dates ( I’ve always hated them )

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