First Week of Vegan Recipes

This is my first week of doing this Vegan thing for real, not foraging while traveling. I’m wrapping up 3 weeks with a pure plant based diet with no sweetener except fruits and honey. Honey isn’t Vegan, but that’s what my doc told me to use as a sweetener, over maple syrup even. I have the honey sourced locally and hardly use it for much. I’m also not eating dairy or eggs. If it comes from a plant, I can eat it. If it’s made in a plant, I can’t.

My weight bottomed out at 139 and is now hovering at 143 from being 150 for years. I’m 5′ 8 & 3/4″ on a good day. I feel great. I seriously think my mind is firing on all cylinders. I think smarter. The hardest thing was eliminating sugar. I did have withdrawals for about a week. And I didn’t realize how much crap has dairy and eggs. I love dairy and eggs!

I have had luck traveling, but, it takes a bit of work, like Ubering to a Vegan restaurant in a foreign city, settling for tasteless limp greens at airports, foregoing a proper meal for a powerbar and cooking in a hotel lobby microwave with food that I prepared in my room without proper plates. Another thing that annoys me is that room service always takes my utensils, I guess they think they’re theirs.

Here is my menu for the week.

Bean Soup

French Dip


Broccoli Casserole

Pea Mint Soup and “Crabcakes”

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