Jon Long EWI/Electronic Sounds

Jon Long is a musician and producer based in Colorado who pursues a genreless, improvisational style that incorporates both traditional instruments and electronic elements. Jon began his musical journey as a trumpet player and honed his skills studying jazz under the tutelage of Hugh Ragin at the University of Northern Colorado.

During the pandemic, when all the clubs closed down, Jon started experimenting with electronic music production at his home studio, where he quickly became obsessed with creating innovative soundscapes and beats to solo over. Over time, he has cultivated a unique sound that blends elements of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music into something entirely his own.

Jon’s music is marked by its improvisational spirit, with each performance taking on a life of its own as he draws on a vast array of musical influences to create something new and exciting. His most recent recordings feature unreleased sessions with Hugh Ragin, showcasing the evolution of his sound over the years.

Despite his busy schedule as a business systems architect, Jon remains dedicated to his music, mostly focusing on studio sessions, recording and releasing albums for streaming, and collaborating with other artists to create new and exciting projects.

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